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With all of the options available, we are happy to tailor a unique package to your event. We understand that all events are different and require different components. We will work with you to maximize the benefits of our timing options while keeping costs to a minimum.  For example, when looking at RFID timing options, we are able to charge less because we personally program all of the chips. Rather than paying over $1 per registrant in just chip costs, our overhead is much less saving you money. In all cases, we are willing to work with you to find a common cost model that is fair for everyone. Contact us today at

No entries or seeding Option for Track & Field and Cross Country

Everyone knows how time consuming the seeding and reseeding process can be, however, when hosting a meet, all you would need to provide to us would be an  athlete roster (in any format) for each participating team prior to meet day. With this we will provide bib numbers which then eliminates all seeding and check-in procedures. Athletes can run in any event and in any lane and we will take care of all the rest. This speeds up the meet, while at the same time providing accurate and organized results. This is especially helpful for high school cross country meets which offer Varsity and JV events. Coaches are not required to declare which athletes will run in a particular event, instead they can decide at the very last minute providing greater flexibility.

Coaches should coach at their meet

As a former collegiate coach, I know how demanding hosting a meet can be towards you and your own athletes. Without the worry of collecting names at the finish line or worrying about entries, you will have more time to coach your own athletes at the meet. We time a number of mid-week meets per year at very reasonable (cheap) rates to aid in these efforts. With our services, not only will your meet run quickly, but also, we have the capabilities through our scoreboard to provide instant results to parents, coaches, and athletes. While the setup may be basic, it is easy to observe the appreciation parents and athletes have for our services, especially a scoreboard. Our motto for smaller meets is simple: get the athletes on the track, let them run, and get them home.

It's Time to Make Results Efficient and Exciting

All events  deserve accurate and efficient results. There is no reason why athletes can not see their result upon finishing. Through our options including LED displays, text message alerts, scrolling TV displays, and other real time result integration options, we can make the results aspect exciting for athletes, parents, coaches, as well as others not at the event site. Unlike many other high school sports, most T&F meets seem to take a lot longer to complete. The main reason for this is an unorganized finish line, as well as, making sure athletes are in the correct heat, lane, flight, etc. With our services, not only will your meet run quickly, but also, it will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved. These same options exist for road races and cross country events.