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With experience timing events ranging from half-marathons with split points, 1000+ participant obstacle course mud runs, to small community events, Blue Ridge Timing has all of the necessary components to suit the needs of your event. Depending on the size and level of competition, we offer a number of different options to make your event stand out. All events, big and small, should benefit from the option of quick, efficient results which include live text message alerts and individualized finisher videos. Here is a complete listing of the different options we offer for road races:

1) Disposable RFID chip timing.

          - We program all of our chips "in house", cutting registration costs by almost $1/participant compared to other systems.

          - Option of a 24' wide starting line to get all participants through the start line efficiently. 
2) Immediate and accurate results including text messages.

          - Options for results include real time text message alerts, e-mails, LED display boards, as well as scrolling TV displays.

          - Laptop Result kiosks are another option which allow participants to view their results by entering a bib number.

3) Registration handling options.

          - How involved would you like us to be? We can handle all aspects of the registration process or simply offer insight upon request.
          - Laptop registration kiosks allow for a paperless option for race day registration, helping to ensure quality control of data.

4) Dynamic finish line setup options to make your finish stand out and provide additional sponsor opportunities.

          - Options include highly visible LED clocks on both sides of the finish, chutes, teardrop flags, cones, and banners.

          - We also offer an overhead truss with varying widths of 10', 12', or 16'.

5) Individualized Finisher Video. 

          - Give your participants the chance to re-live their finish by clicking a link in the results which auto positions the video. (example)

6) Split points.

          - Ability to offer multiple split points throughout the course.

          - Data from splits, including times and change in position, would be available on the final results. 

Blue Ridge Timing is there for All types of events, so contact us today with your interest.

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